ZenPuddle relaunch

ZenPuddle just relaunched with multi-touch bug fixes!!  Check it out


ZenTunnel Launched!

We have just released out second game. ZenTunnel.

You possess vital information ensuring Earth’s survival, but evil robots are out to stop you. Escape their realm before Earth is doomed. Test your reflexes racing through tunnels. Tilt to steer and avoid obstacles, tap the screen to blast the evil robots before they shoot you down. How fast and far can you fly?

Zen Tunnel is a fast-pace flying experience. Navigate a starship through increasingly challenging tunnels, past obstacles, setting speed records. Do you have what it takes to save the Earth?

• 40+ dynamic levels in five different worlds
• Simple controls
• Tilt screen to navigate ship
• Tap to shoot down enemy robots
• Detail settings for optimal performance and quality
• Advanced lighting, texturing, and physics
• Free updates forever

Full version:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bunnypuddlegames.zentunnel

Lite version:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bunnypuddlegames.zentunnellite

Check it out and let us know what you think.

ZenTunnel now in beta Testing!

We are nearing the release of Bunny Puddle Games second android game, ZenTunnel.

Development has taken longer than expected, but the end result is looking good.  This race/escape game will ship with a free version with 16 levels and a full version with 40+ levels.

Stay tuned.

ZenPuddle passes 1,400 downloads

Over the last 8 months, our first game has had more than 1,400 downloads.  This is extremely fulfilling.  Thank you to everyone who has given it a chance.

The next game!

We are working on a few demos in a few technologies and will announce our future plans soon.

ZenPuddle Statistics (3 weeks in)

ZenPuddle was released 4/29/2012 and has had a fairly linear adoption.

After 3 weeks, 181 installs, 104 active.  So 8.6 people download each day, and 60% of them decide to keep the app.

7 people have rated the app, (34/35 stars).  Feature requests include, more splash, user added backgrounds, and making it a wallpaper.

81% of the installs are from android v2, 1% android v3, and 18% android v4.

Most installs are from USA, India, and the UK.


Currently in development is an experimental touch-toy app for Android that is a realistic water simulation. Using a touch-screen phone, you can move your finger across the surface of the water, creating realistic waves in the puddle and the gentle sounds of water.

  • supports multiple background images
  • sliders affect the quality of the water and sound
  • features are in-development

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